Design Entrepreneur. Animal Rights Supporter. Artist.
Music aficionado. Rescue diver. Creative Director. Hoarder of all things curious.
Golfer. Fabricator of tiny things. Snow boarder. Happy soul.




When people ask me what I do for a living, my answer changes pretty much everyday. And all of those responses tend to be right. I spend most of my time designing things, looking for art inspiration, raising awareness for animal rights, walking my dogs on the beach and avoiding all human contact. If you don’t find me holed up in my studio creating something new, you’ll find me teeing off at the local golf course or chatting up fish while I’m scuba diving. Through my art, I try to capture the little intricacies of everyday things around me in a way that hasn’t been thought of or interpreted before. Every little thing I design, right from flyers to websites to miniatures to snowboards, is a blend of my own personality and the world as I see it. I love nature and the outdoors. My dream office would probably be under a tree.


Tiny Creations

Uniquely handmade byDreamcase

Tiny Creations features a range of hand-crafted miniature motifs inspired by nature and embellished with rare and precious gemstones such as rubies, diamonds and sapphires.


Dreamcase Design

Graphic Design Studio

My first entrepreneurial venture, Dreamcase provides design solutions to brands over the world through thoughtful, innovative and fresh ideas across platforms and media.


Dreamcase Art

Digital Art

A lens to look at the world through an artist’s eyes, here you can buy custom-made art prints spanning a range of themes, concepts and thought-provoking ideas.


Life Meals

The Way of Living

ife Meals removes all the diligent hard work from planning and preparing healthy food by offering healthy cooked meals that are portion controlled, cooked fresh every week and conveyed to an outlet close to you.



Creators Platform

Crackin is a brand new digital marketplace in Japan where designers can easily buy and sell design resources such as templates, icon packs, vectors, PSDs etc.


Rainbow Bridge

Pet Memorial

Rainbow Bridge is a memory repository for pet owners to remember, share and celebrate the wonderful lives of their companions who have passed.


The Pod


Follow the adventures of Luna, Marine and their friends as they discover the world around them, trying to make sense of it in their own endearing, comical way.


The Pod


Style your pooch with the trendiest leashes, collars and clothes at the Pod Shop, an online fashion store for your favourite four-legged buddy.

Creative Studio

Great things happen when great minds come together. Hoorah is a creative effort in this direction, spanning path-breaking new projects undertaken by a talented team of writers, designers, artists and developers.


Design Resources

at Graphic River

Dreamcase offers easy-to-use resources to create flyers and posters for a variety of animal and pet themes in just a matter of minutes.



Photo App

Adopet is a quick and easy-to-use photo-editing app that animal shelters and caretakers use to create eye- catching ads, flyers and posters to promote pet adoptions.



Creators from Japan

bysee is an online platform that connects artists and creators in Japan with customers from all over the world by helping them market and sell their art work and products.



  • FEB 2017 - Present

    Dive Master

    Qualified PADI

  • JULY 2016 - Present

    Hoorah Creative Studio

    Creative Director / Founder

  • JULY 2016 - Present

    Crackin Creators Platform

    Creative Director / Founder

  • JUN 2016 - Present

    Zoo Creative

    Graphic Designer

  • NOV 2015 - Present

    ONE50 Piblic House

    Graphic Designer

  • AUG 2009 - JULY 2016

    Shooters Nightclub

    Graphic Designer

  • OCT 2014 - Present


  • JUL 2014 - Present


    Tiny Creations uniquely handmade

  • AUG 2013 - JULY 2016

    Elston - Restaurant & Bar

    Graphic Designer

  • 2011 - JUL 2015

    The Rascal Group - Graphic Design, Print & Signage

    Art Director

  • JUN 2012 - MAY 2015

    Aura Broadbeach - Tapas Bar Restaurant

    Graphic Designer

  • FEB 2012 - Present


  • JAN 2012 - Present

    Rescue Diver

    PADI Certified

  • APR 2011 - JUN 2011

    Certificate III Media - 3D Modelling Studio Max

    Gold Coast Institute TAFE

  • FEB 2011 - APR 2011

    Certificate III Media - Web Design Dreamweaver

    Gold Coast Institute TAFE

  • FEB 2011 - Present

    Advanced Open Water Diver

    PADI Certified

  • DEC 2010 - Present

    Open Water Diver

    PADI Certified

  • JUL 2010 - DEC 2016

    Romano's Hotel

    Graphic Designer

  • 2003 - Present

    Dreamcase Pty.Ltd

    Director / Founder

  • 2002 - 2004

    Diploma of Graphic Design

    Graduated ATCG, Gold Coast Australia


  • Miniature Rose Island
  • Diving at Julian Rocks Byron Bay
  • ONE50 Menu
  • Doggie Boat Cruise
  • Doggy Boat Cruise
  • Miniature Mushroom World
  • Beach Party feat. Kronic & Krunk at Shooters
  • Keyes at Romano's Hotel
  • Have your Xmas at Elston
  • Turtle in the Sky
  • The Freedom Bottle - Whale Series.
  • Kurt at Shooters Nightclub
  • Sensation Saturdays at Aura Romano's
  • Miniature Seagull
  • Cuddling Teddy
  • The Freedom Bottle - Turtle Series.
  • Melbourne Cup at Elston
  • Rojdar at Romano's Hotel
  • The Freedom Bottle - Turtle Series.
  • Ladies Night at Elston
  • Felixx at Romano's Hotel
  • Beers & Burgers at Elston
  • Fabulous Fridays at Aura Romano's
  • Miniature Kodama World
  • Malt & Hops
  • EDM inc.
  • Saturday Night Project at Elston
  • The Moscow Circus -50th Anniversary
  • Marine at Soul
  • Keyes at Romano's
  • Sunday Sunset Sessions at Elston
  • The Marine Bottle
  • Shooters Party Week
  • NZ Snow Trip 2015
  • Elston NYE
  • Gold Day
  • Elston Recovery Event
  • Republic VIP Reveal
  • Shooters VIP Reveal
  • Wonderland at Alive Nightclub
  • R&B at Alive Nightclub
  • SolAria at Jupiters Casino
  • RNB Brazilian Night at Sincity Nightclub
  • Aura Saturdays
  • Queens Bday at Sincity Nightclub
  • Zircus at Jupiters Casino
  • Whale in the Sky
  • Marine's Beach Day
  • Chidgey at Vanity Nightclub
  • Tay James at Vanity Nightclub
  • Ciroc Campaign for Treasury Casino
  • Sean Kingston at Vanity Nightclub
  • Valentines Day at Aura
  • Undress the Giraffe
  • Aura NYE 2013
  • Romanos Chillax Sundays
  • Romano's Shareplate Saturdays
  • We are Family
  • $5 Flicks at Romano's
  • Peking Duk at Romano's
  • Dream Festival at Magic City
  • Aura Anzac Appeal
  • Blues On Broadbeach weekend at Aura
  • Aura Australia Day
  • Magic Playground The Ultimate NYE Festival
  • Tanqueray Cocktail Promotion for Treasury Casino
  • The Peach Factory
  • Bundaberg Promotion
  • Summer Beatz
  • Marine & Airi Cookies for the Dogs
  • Fear of Dawn
  • Wall art for CUB head office
  • The Photography Bottle
  • Golf Day
  • RAW Artist Showcase
  • Canvas Prints for RAW Artist Showcase
  • Artist Bottle by Dreamcase
  • Tom Piper at Shooters (2011)
  • Beaches of Tedder Menu
  • Aura Burliegh Brewing Showcase
  • Schnitty Sundays at Aura
  • Fridays at Aura
  • Treasury Casino Black Fridays
  • Saturday at Aura
  • Bombs Away at Shooters Superclub
  • Will Sparks at Romano's Hotel
  • Jupiters Casino- Mojito Campaign
  • The Dream Bottle by Dreamcase